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Behind the Scenes - Tam Did It - Journey to Stacked & Ready

In Apparel Retail (my former life), there is a saying, “Stack em’ High and Watch em’ Fly”. Its so funny, as while I’m no longer a part of that world on a day to day basis, there is a part of me that will always be connected to it and when I look at samples that I have queued up, arranged in stacks (is there any other way?), that saying plays in my head Eh-Vah-Ry time!

Well, the only thing flying here in the studio is creativity which I have yet to lose wind or steam on. The yarn, stitch and thought(s) that led to the “TAM DID IT” Funky Crochet Hat Pattern, just fluttered up, around and about until this new shape emerged and I was NOT mad at it…at all. Of the many samples made that led to the final pattern, Imma wax on a few in the stack that were impactful on this Head Gear Swag Journey.

Amarillo Yellow - It started with a series of yarns I purchased at an LYS. Each one was incredibly different than the other, with contrasting fiber contents (when one is in the moment, content schmontent…ok?) and progressed to looping them with abandon. Holding strands together, then not, finding some were too thin and swapping them out, just flat out creating, like some folks Flat out Sing! Done and WOW!!! I was like…”This Is A Tam”. I DID IT… the dang thang y’all!

Raspberry and Such - Onward to another combo of yarns and new colorway as I decided I was uber diggin’ what I now called the TAM DID IT Hat (for obvious reasons), and needed to evolve the pattern as it had to be simplified to be replicable (Big Girl Word). Into my stash I went, found a few hanks of red lusciousness from Indie dyers and Oh…My…You Know Who…the Hat came to life in a whole other way. The beauty of yarns in the same hue yet different colors, reflecting subtle changes in shade that no matter where you are, will conjure up a ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show” moment with the tossing up of the TAM, (Google it. Its worth it just for the intro and song), is some hue chroma magic!

As beautiful as it was, made in that combo of Indie Dyer Yarns, with the “holds” and how they changed, it was still a little too involved for what I hoped to be an intermediate level crochet pattern…unless you had a third hand (I know my makers will feel me on that). Gazing at it in the stack…I knew It needed to be simplified further and worked up in “other yarns” including those that were more price sensitive. Indie Dyed Yarns which I vibe, use and will continue to highlight, write patterns for and wax on in my posts, are most often STUNNING. It is challenging to replicate the color effects in Big Box yarns, but as in my personal wardrobe, where I go from GAP to “put designer brand name HERE”, in my Fiber Arts efforts, I endeavor to go Indie Dyer to Mid-Tier and sometimes to Big Box, ensuring all make their way into my pattern samples, so all who purchase my patterns can rest assured, they will work in the yarn they desire hence…

Aubergine Goodness - It made its way into the mix, with just 2 yarns involved. They delivered on color with varying shades of purple, some with red undertones, others with hints of lavender peeking through the plies, as well as the texture game that I dig. Id be remiss if I didn’t mention that they also delivered on the POP of sumpin’ sumpin” that makes one want to do a shoulder Shimmy and yes…the Mary Tyler Moore Show Tam Toss. Stacked with the others, it was eye candy that was not to be believed and ultimately what the pattern was finalized in,. Please note, you can always hit me up if you want the deets on the other yarn options.

Wrapping this first "Behind The Scenes" BLOG of the Fall season up…that’s a little more insight on what goes on Behind The Scenes in Funky Crochet Hat Pattern Creation Land. More to come. Til then…Stack em high!

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