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What is a Brand? A Brand is a promise. 


The promise of the YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Brand is to share with others, the pure joy of creating product that is fun, unique and as funky as the spirit world allows it to be.  


The “Funky” aka non-traditional hat patterns offered, reflect hats that I actually wear. I have shared many times over, if it aint funky and it doesn’t bring me joy, Im not doing it. In it bringing me joy, and with a goal of moving something or someone forward, my hope is that the joy is passed forward, bringing a smile to a maker's face as they begin their own journey, with a hook, yarn and a YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Pattern.


Enjoy the freedom to make it your own.



Tanya Cauren

Inspired by...

Helping to move humanity (something/someone) forward through the pure joy of creating.

As I settled into my post corporate and post culinary school life, my BFF invited me to take an online crochet class. It was for beginners, which I was not, having been taught by my grandmother when I was a child. But as I had a hook and a ball or two of yarn from years gone by, with a little virtual BFF time as part of the package, I signed up. 


The first project was a pair of fingerless gloves which were nice, though, not something I would rock “on the regular”, but then came the second project, a hat. Like the gloves, it was pretty basic, hence post executing the core of the pattern, I needed to make it funky if I was going to wear it. Adding on a crown and a brim, I was hooked, pun intended, and have yet to look back.


Creating Funky Hats is my happy place. With yarn, a hook and a thought, Im off on that magical journey of creativity. Being open to being inspired, which can be driven by many things, such as: the yarn, a color, a stitch, a shape, a thought from the past or present, is what brings joy and light to my life.

Oh Yeah, check out my Blog, where Ill share thoughts on topics I rock with like, Color, Yarn, Tools, Joy, to name a few, and catch a few peeks Behind The Scenes, where it all the magic happens.


Ooooo, that that moment your eyes meet….the thoughts that run through ones mind….(deep breath right here)…only other yarn lovers…can understand.


Being surrounded by Yarn, knowing the Funky Hats it helps to produce, is my happy place. With yarn, a hook and a thought, I unwind, chill, have non-deep thoughts (cause Im counting) & get lost in, the lushness of the yarn, the colors that begin to dance as the loops are formed, as well as the shape the hat begins to take, as it comes into its own “swag”. It is not unusual for the sun to go down and I have not moved from this creative…rendezvous, in hours. 


Check out my Blog where from time to time  you can unwind with me in, "The Yarn Diaries".



What makes being funky sweeter? Having tools that fit your hand and your needs. Ill try many things but, will only rock those I vibe. Most often it ends up being tied to to…yeah, Ill say it, the fact that I like shiny metal things and if not shiny metal, then colorful.  


On my Blog, under "Tools I  Love", occasionally I'll wax about a specific hook I like and use more than others and within that brand, specific sizes that may make their way into the creative journey on the regular. Those scissors, that tapestry needle, that head form, that book, that database platform, yeah, that makes the cut as well, are all things that contribute to offering the patterns sold under YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Brand.


Even tools can have swag and be part of bringing the funk to head gear game. Did you just smile ?


I knew that you would.

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