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Fun Funky Friday - Vibing with Other Artists!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Fun Funky Friday - Vibing with Other Artists.

When I’m in the presence of other artists, other creatives, in person, in print, on social media, exposed to and surrounded by their joy, it’s a vibe that there are a thousand words for, yet not one will suffice.

Be it planted in my YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft loving spirit unaware of its origin, or consciously absorbed as an unforgettable influence that HAS to be manifested in the thought, yarn, hook deal that I wax on…a lot, the ideas that ravel about, venturing near and far, to the moon and back, are unending. No different than cooking or developing recipes, when we walk into our kitchens or design studios, we are never alone. We bring the bits, pieces, ribbons, fabric cuttings, yarn ends and memories with us. In homage to those with us and guiding us, we create what is new to us, in that moment.

Some Fridays I get to spend time just creating, thinking through, remembering inspirational moments, be it a color, a shape or a combination of mediums. That striped band Hats By Bunn adds to his felted fedoras as a finished expression of what sits within his creative soul, the tilt Brenda Winstead gives to one of her mile high straw creations. There’s Voszi Douglas and the mixed substrate funk of everything she touches, Xanthaward embraces us in felt, fabric, leather, denim just to name a few, as well as the pure art of her spirit. There’s the book “Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats”, a collection of hallelujah gorgeousness that taught and self-taught milliners gave the breath of life to. Be it in a book or simply out there in the head gear swag universe, there are artist whose names are unspoken, unknown, but their art has been captured in drawings and photographs that will live, unbound by our time or space.

So on THIS Fun Funky Friday, I give it up to all of the folks that amble on the journey, guiding, joining and inspiring me to “bring it”, in my own Funky Crochet Hat Game Way.

Live for the Funk Y’all!

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