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The Yarn Diaries - Bernice from Birch Hollow Fibers

Speak her name...”Bernice”.

See already you got the warm and fuzzies. Just the roundness of saying her name out loud made your shoulders come up and come in, like you were gonna give yourself a hug.

Bulky yet light, soft but still reflecting structure, to say nothing of the bloom post loop and stitch formation, Bernice is a yarn that you just have to see to believe.

Part of a package received for swatching as I began my collab with Birch Hollow Fibers, the OOAK (one of a kind) mini hank received in a magenta swirl of delight called Dalia, was mesmerizing in color, cushy to the touch and when it was on the hook, had the slip that I like and again...that bloom, THAT BLOOM!!!!

Bernice and I started down the swatching road using a hdc (half double crochet) and she let me know from the giddy up, that as cute, neat and reliable as hdc was...she was meant for bigger, bolder things, for she had places to go, things to do, and people to see and be seen with! Her contralto yearn to boom, expressing itself in stitches often avoided when using bulky yarn as they get lost, but with Bernice’s unique structure and Robin Guys dying techniques (Birch Hollow Fibers owner/dyer), nothing could have been further from the yarn-ie truth.

A few more test stitches done and Bernice sashayed herself into the BREEZE WORTHY Funky Crochet Hat Pattern. When the final colors arrived in Mum and Rusty Gear, the star stitch and the drop stitch, assisted in Bernice showing up and showing out!!! Tall and ready for Fall, complete with a wait for it...Pom Pom...a big Pom go with all of her fluffynes. I vibed it and her so much, that I even went back and turned the Dalia colored swatch into another BREEZE WORTHY HAT, cause I just had to have more than one way to hang out with Bernice.

Bernice as you can imagine by now... is great fun. She is here for the The BOLD, The COLD, The BREEZY aka the BREEZE WORTHY Hat pattern, as well as other patterns for Head Gear Swag I have published that play nice with Bulky yarn.

Forever in my stash is the plan. While you are checking out my patterns on the site or Ravelry, Y’all go check out Bernice and let me know, where you all sashayed to. Send pics!


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