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The Yarn Diaries - Hand Dyed Diva - Worsted

My-oh-my, so full of absolute joy am I when thinking about Hand Dyed Diva yarn. The wrapper's logo alone, with its sparkling jewel stone attached in just the right spot could be enough, cause what?...I like shiny things…but that’s just the start of the magic. Leaning into what I can only describe as its lush hand feel, that sensation is only surpassed by the array of colors offered and within those colors, the striations and variations those colors present. Some speckled like my freckled self, some with long meandering lengths of shifting shades like an amazing journey of discovery, and yet others are just flat footed, sing out loud stunning, in their dare to be there bold colored selves. If you know me, you know that last one is how I roll in my funky crochet hat game. Just sayin’.

A product of the Cheers To Ewe! Yarn shop, hand dyed by owners Ladianne Henderson and Sheri Osborne, it’s simply one of the best Indie dyer yarns. While this specific narrative is focused on the yarn, I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank Ladianne and Sheri for creating this outstanding contribution to my head gear swag stash AND an amazing environment that all are welcomed into. The second Local Yarn Shop (LYS) I visited and the first indie dyer(s) I had met, their yarn-spatality made and makes the short drive to Huntersville N.C. a breeze. I get to listing to Chicago Style Stepping Music along the way, "getting it in" at the stop lights, wishing I was on the wood, (steppers know what Im takin’ about), so it’s a win, win, win with a bag of yarn at the end of the 8 count rainbow (another stepper reference).

Dynamic, exciting, helpful and best of all full of great humor, Ladianne and Sheri are the bomb. And about that live Cheers To Ewe! YouTube show on Saturday mornings, with co-hosts, a diverse group of fiber artist celebs, and peeks into the goings on of the’s a reason to get up and queue up at 8:45 just to be in the room. My standard copy in the chat room beyond “Good Morning All” is …”I Learn So Much”. And I really do…each time I tune in…about so much…yarn, WIP’s, FO’s, books, music, childhoods, beverages 🤣. 8:45 Saturday Morning has never been the same.

Back to the yarny goodness. My first colorways of Hand Dyed Diva Worsted were “Smooches”, a magenta, fuchsia skein of warmth and wonder and Safety Dance with its citrus sunset vibe. Can you tell I dig color! What to make, what to make? Started out working them separately, each color just stellar in its gorgeous-ness. I mean spotlight, glam squad gorgeous and then…wait for it…I found they were even better together! Hold the yarn, shimmy the shoulders and shout hallelu! My April launch pattern, the “Gotta Make a Run Hat”had its base!

Other skeins of Hand Dyed Diva Yarn have made their way into the studio, one of which is a sock weight (surprise, surprise), all waiting on a thought and a hook. Until then, the skeins are displayed like the art they are, visible, touchable, squishable, knowing... other skeins of Hand Dyed Diva Yarn will join them in the room where it happens, on the by and by .

Hand Dyed Diva Yarn - That’s What’s Up Y’all


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