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The Yarn Diaries - WeCrochet Chroma Twist

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Its Fall Y’all and when I tell you its my favorite season….its the TRUTH, the LIGHT and in its own strange way, THE WAY to make my heart sing. The slight chill in the air in the mornings, the whisp of wind winter will surely bring in due time, inspires all kinds of yarn-ie goodness and Funky Crochet magic to get to startin’. WeCrochet Chroma Twist was, and now is, part of that inspiration and the beginning of what will be an amazing season.

Im not sure how I came to know of Chroma Twists existence. Was it through YouTube videos? Sponsored Instagram feeds? A Fiber Artist’s Guru’s website? For however I found out about it…I am forever grateful as it was my first online romance with a yarn. ( yeah I said that). Finding it on the WeCrochet website, immediately, the bright color options gave me the side head nod, beckoning me into their sphere, like they knew me. The color transitioning plys, and variations of twisted colors within those plys, danced a rhymatic beat that yes, was all in my head, oh my. It was the kinda beat that I vibe, I mean drums and all Y’all. Again, partial to brights, due diligence ensured I checked out each colorway. When it was all said and done, Cousteau (Blue/Black) and Sedona (Red/Orange) called my name…loudly. In an effort to be open to the influence of the creative spirit, enter was hit on my keyboard and the anticipation of the package arrival began.

Its challenging to describe the beauty, the depth, the yummy-ness of the yarn. Based on my prior career, Im not a novice in regards to how yarn is made, but the color transitions twisted among themselves, then together again as two ply rounds of everything that right in a yarn, was worth the wait. So much so, that I should have given ceremony to opening the bag. A missed opportunity.

Into happy hat making land I went, my sights set on replicating one of the first Hats I put on IG, just as eye candy. Got a lot of fanfare about it, and with this yarn in these colorways, it was a perfect choice for the first pattern release of Fall.

Knocked it out the park adding in a solid band in Swish (also from WeCrochet). Everyone that came by the studio and saw the samples, be they partial or complete, knew this was one fly hat pattern.I mean FLY! Fly as it was, made up in worsted, I wanted to take its “presence” up a notch. I mean Lenox Ave, Michigan Ave, Trade & Tryon up a notch, cause one must be seen when sportin', struttin' and noddin'. Just sayin’.

Again…not sure how I came to know of it but, wait…I kinda know how…one of my Crochet Designer She-ros’s, TL Yarncraft (Hey Toni Lipsey) reviewed another WeCrochet Yarn “Muse”, (more on that yarn-ie scrumptiousness as the season goes on) and in looking it up online, it revealed Chroma Twist BULKY…as a thing. On top of that, Chroma Twist Bulky as a thing…was available in the same colors that I used in Croma Twist Worsted!!! (repeated Hercules hand clap here). Keyboard, Enter, Done. Fast forward, the box arrived (with a few other selections) and this time, ceremony was brought to the Opening The Box…as it should be. All Fiber Arts friends feel me right here.

Chroma Twist Bulky is proof that the yarn Fairies like me, they really like me. Working the same WW LIVES HAT in the Bulky version, took the FLY-ness and the Funkyness to a whole other level. The “presence” that it helped achieve…is what it was an is...ALL about. Cant say enough about the lushness, the color transitions, the twist on the twist not to mention the squish, this yarn romance delivered on. I endeavor not to become too one note with brands and yarns within those Brands, but I’d be lyin’ if I said, Im not eyeballin’ a few other color ways to add to my stash…on the by and by.

Let me end as I began, Its Fall Y'all! Heres to my ongoing WeCrochet and Chroma Twist Life!

Check CHROMA TWIST out via this affiliate link. If you purchase through the link, I get a small percentage of the sales 🤗🧶🤗


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