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Behind the Scenes - As The Game Changes

The BLOG’S title sounds a little ominous, a little throw back soap opera-ish which kinda makes me chuckle, cause...there is no drama associated with it 🤣. That said, the game is indeed changing and I wanna share the journey, the evolution...of where the Funky Crochet Goodness is going, with you my Fiber Arts friends.

If you have been riding this ride with me since my site and social media presence went live somewhere between the end of 2020 and beginning for 2021, then you know I have been “on it” as it applies to creating a consistent presence, trying to find and connect with my tribe, evolving what and how I post from just the top of my glasses captured in the Head Gear Swag photos to including my face, hands, being out and about on the scene as it were, and on occasion...others. 📸

Some things you may not know...I joined groups, paid and gratis, that help folks like me who were new to all of this, be it publishing patterns, social media, general marketing etc... And while it was often exhausting, made my head spin, my eyes cross, I learned a lot and endeavor to share all I know with whomever may ask even if they don’t sit in under the same uber Funky creative sun I do...cause that’s just how I roll.

Applying what learned, helped me be found by other creatives based on the Hats I designed and the scheduled content that was ultimately posted (who knew scheduling was a thing?), which drove, collaborations, media features including pod casts, magazines and yarn supplier sites, where I showed up and show out (in a good way). And oh, by the way, I was also building my Culinary Brand “HereInMyKitchen” at the same time. A less collaborative but no less consuming journey for sure. No shade to my fellow Chef, Cooks and Food Folk, its just part and parcel of that discipline that Im also passionate about.👩🏽‍🍳

Anywhoo...back to the fiber arts world. Diggin’ the creative space and process, the making of things that weren’t there before, the goal became translating those things, those hats, into patterns so they could be replicated. I published the patterns cause...thats what yah gurl wanted to do, even if no one had signed up to buy a copy. And know that will continue albeit at a different pace cause, the light of the Funk cant be dimmed but also know...the grind to make all that happen has been real.

Through it all...there have been truly bright moments involving other creative spirits that “got it”. The one that has led to the game changing for me, was the moment that I truly dialed into the art community here in Charlotte North Carolina.🎨

Now y’all know Im always on the scene, going to museums & galleries, taking in street art as I set up my “on the sly” photo shoots for almost Eh-Vah-Ry hat I make. As invigoration as that was, it’s results paled in comparison to the exposure and inclusion that emanated from connecting with an organization focused on the arts. Finding and following me on social media (ok, ok, the IG efforts paid off), Charlotte Is Creative tapped me for an interview that would appear in their e-newsletter “The Biscuit”. That led to being featured as their “New Best Friend” on a local network affiliate and onward to attending one of their monthly gatherings called “Coffee With Creatives”. That is where I met nine other artists reflecting various disciplines including...the curator and NineEighteenNine gallery owner, that months now representing my finished hats as Wearable Art.

BOOM! Game Changer.

Yup, Yup! All of that effort, all the creative goings on, procuring yarn, making hats, taking photos, creating captions, scheduling, posting, building relationships with other artists and indie dyers, encouraging others and receiving the same, but most importantly...staying on brand...staying true to my vision...being me all day every day, has led to me shifting into a new lane. The lane of having my Funky Head Gear Swag represented as Wearable Art and sold via a Curator and Gallery Owner.

Now THAT’s whats up!🤗

Leaning into a different end game...will I still publish patterns? Absolutely, in fact there are @3-4 scheduled to be available to you via my site, Ravelry, a magazine or an indie yarn dyers’ site before the year closes out, but my focus will shift to the creation tied to the art of it all. Inspired by a thought, a yarn, a stitch, in a different order at different where it started and will be at the forefront of all that I do as I amble into 2023.🧶🧡🧶

To that’s the skinny Jazz (my name for the icon of my tribe). The game is changing and Im glad about it. You have liked, subscribed, commented, donated to my creative fund, purchased patterns, purchased gift cards, and lifted me up when I so needed it. I stand in a state of grace and look forward to continuing to bring the Funk to everyone who vibes what I do as I continue to evolve the YarnGoneWild - YarnCraft brand.

Oh...How do you buy a Hat you ask?

I’ll keep you updated via social media but know....Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery that endeavors to make connections between Artists, Community and Collectors, and focuses on curating Fine Art by Artist of color, is getting their website updated with photos of the available Head Gear Swag. Along with the Hats being featured at their events and exhibitions, they will have them available on line once their site is up and running.

Know, any photo of any hat shown on my site or my feed can be sent to to check on availability.

Current Links to check out Tell Tim and Matt I said "Hi" 😉 The locations for NineEghteenNine Studio Gallery

Visual Artsists' featured clockwise from the top of the last phot collage;




Support Artists and ....BUY ART Y'all🤗


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