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Behind The Scenes - The Shift To Being Untethered

Being untethered...makes it easy to fly and in a creative space, it’s a form of liberation I didn’t know I needed to the level I did...if that makes sense.

Let's back this up a bit. At the end of 2022 I made the decision to get off the algorithm chasing hamster wheel that social media demands. You know the hamster wheel Im referring to... scheduling content to post 3 to 5 times a week, updating and rotating out of hashtags that align with the brand and/or can attract new folks to the brand, trying to get in the “Reels” spirit (not!), being on line for "X" minutes when a post goes live, ensuring stories, newsletters and blogs get created and populated. Those efforts drove what felt like a 24/7 race that in all transparency, I wasn’t that interested in winning but hey, we were stuck inside and it kept me focused on what was controllable.

Disclaimer: I appreciate some folks luv creating content for the various platforms it puts marketing, some of it amazing, in the artists hands. I don’t, or at least not at the pace that makes the algorithms happy albeit I have a realllllll appreciation for those who do it as a job/career. Kisses🥰

My renewed intention with social media was to post when I had something to say or share, which I have pretty much stuck to. Radicle, right?!?

One of the major beni's in untethering myself has been...the return of “time”. My days’ schedules are rarely driven by social media anymore and its funny, I did have that moment where I was confused about why I had so much down time🤣 and then came the clarity that I needed, more so wanted, to fill some of it with productive endeavors that drive endorphins, especially having ran through numerous binge-able series and movies that were streaming, with freshly made popcorn on the side. What?!? We all need ruffage...seasoned with olive oil and truffle salt, right?!?👩🏽‍🍳.

More creative time was a welcomed option, meaning, creating Head Gear Swag for the art of it all vs to publish a pattern. Its been a lot of fun exploring new shapes and stitches, creating product that utilizes techniques and/or my own crochet hacks that are hard to transcribe for others to they would need a video or four and few close ups of my hands, for sure🤣🤣🤣. More creative time also allowed a few more collaborations such as a CAL (Crochet Along) led by @gary_knits_gary_rides, with Yarn from @jadawoo_designs, making previously publish patterns new again...all for a worthy cause.

Working out be it Strength Training, Yoga, Cardio Funk (come on...the class title had “Funk” in it so you know I have to participate) has increased to 4 – 5 times a week. Traveling to see those I love and hadn’t seen in a couple of years (y’all know why) and spending more time with friends and family right here in the greater Charlotte, NC area was an opportunity that was right on time as 2023 brought more opportunities to gather comfortably and hug up on each other.

Did I mention dancing? “Chicago Style Steppin” to be exact! Folks who “Step”, starting easing back onto the wood (aka dance floor) last year and I, along with them, put my shoes on and “got it in”, in a very parsed out way. But this year...with more time and a little less anxiety (I have come a long way from being an item away from full hazmat gear on the regular🤣. I know, not really funny should have seen me). I have: attended more classes, day sets, celebrations and events. Confession, I am not the best stepper or even a good stepper but Im convinced that when Im on the wood, Im having the most fun. Steppin like Fiber Arts. frees my soul for real💃🏽.

Being untethered also created space for the universe to bring in volunteer efforts in one of my other disciplines...Culinary👩🏽‍🍳. If all goes as planned I'll have the honor of working with a Chef that had the vision to create a program locally for those interested in food service. The program teaches core kitchen skills and methods that will help them evolve, raise up, in their pursuit of this branch of the arts. Each cohort is just under three months, which will create the opportunity to get to know the students better and gain insight on their hopes and dreams as we also acknowledge their journey and that of their families. Food connects us all.

I have always made an effort to be out and about, on the scene anywhere where ART is being served. Art such as fiber arts (obviously), painting, photography, sculpture, music, theatre etc...I try to honor, applaud and support it in my own way. YUP...being untethered has brought more of that to the table be it because more is being offered than in the past 3 years or again...I have gotten to a better space with my trepidation around being in and about large groups etc...🎨

So while my spirit has been lifted, and renewed in being untethered...has my brand grown at the same rate as it did in the past? No, cause the algorithm game is real but...the growth Im seeing along with the connections Im making and or deepening (some IRL), are more meaningful and impactful in a “connecting with other spirits on this journey” kinda way.

In this new space, at this new time, connecting in this way reflects so much of what truly matters to me as I continue to take flight...when the creative spirit moves me.

For those interested in the CAL Fundraiser to End Aids, photos and deets are below.

The CAL runs 9/1/23 – 10/31/23

Pattern buying deets:


Buy a $3.00 entry ticket from @gary_knits_gary_rides (there is a link in his IG bio area)

Then purchase the pattern “Save Dah Bun Hat – GKGR” from my website or RAVELRY for $7.00

Yarn info:


Lt Worsted 175yd, 100g – 60% Merino Wool, 40 % Silk

Curiosity Kit – Curiosity, Honeynut, Fawn

Meadows Kit – Violet Meadows, Blue Spruce, Thall Shall Not Be Named



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