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Make It Wild Wednesday - Loop Stitch

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Living in YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Land aka Tanya Land, there may be a need for us to chat if you have missed how much I vibe a good Loop Stitch.

I mean, once I discovered this lovely loopy delight, it wasn’t what can I put it on ?, it was, how do I stop myself form putting it on EVERTHING ?. Whether incorporated as a round in the pattern or added as a decorative finish, the Loop Stitch conjures up all kinds of feel good sensations, visual and audible. Allow me to share a few, quite a few… It’s Jazz, it’s Sass, is big fun on a Friday night. It’s lunch with the girls, Its Lucy and Ethel in Paris sans the actual flowerpot hat (they were only slightly off trend). It’s a Bid Whist Game on Saturday evening, Big Mama’s Hat on Sunday Mornin’, and a Stroll Down Lenox in Harlem any day of the week. Yes a loop stitch is all that and more.

I have used it as spikes, as feathers, short, long, single, doubled up. When cut, it turns into fringe that is secured in place, but my yarn lovin’ friends…in its circular joy, it’s a big smile, especially if like me, you can shake your head like the Firebird in The Dance Theater of Harlem’s ballet of the same name. (circa costumes by Geoffrey Holder, thank you).

It is my “Yes Lawd” go to when one of my Funky creations is just “sittin on the dock of the bay”. Yeah it looks good and all, but when that loop stitch shows up….it shows all the way out! Always bringing the right amount of Funk!

As for the technical stuff, I strongly encourage you to research a video (one is always referenced in my patterns that use the Loop Stitch). That said, I’ll give it a shot… working from a base row of stitches, and on the opposite side of where you want the loop to show up, insert hook into stitch, take hook over and then under the yarn attached to your work (right to left vs normal left to right) , with the hook going under the free yarn strand wrapped around your finger, grab the free yarn strand (how much yarn you pull with your finger determines the length of the loop), pull it to the right and over the strand attached to you work, bring it back through the same loop, yarn over and pull through the stitches on the hook. See…I told you , that video will be a “must”.🤣

A little tricky to learn, but once you get it and get into a rhythm with it, I know you will be the latest passenger on the Loop Stitch Love Train.

See yah There!

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