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Make It Wild Wednesday - Post Stitches

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Texture. Depth. Tactile-ness in all its glory. Yup I get all of that out of the relief stitches more commonly referred to as, Front & Back Post Stitches. Providing more shadows and cliffs than its sisters, Front & Back Loop Stitches (I like those too), Front and Back Post Stitches are big fun.

As I began my YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft journey, I discovered it by accident. You know, the kind of accident that comes with not following directions. While vibing on one my own jazz, rhythm and blues jaunts, my mind went into an “ooo what happens if I do this”…thing. Talk about bringing some serious funk into the mix ! Happy accident it was, and who knew, there was a name for it.

Many on-line videos and stitch book searches revealed it has a few variations. Clearly, easier to execute from a Double Crochet (“dc” for those who may not be familiar)…but Im THAT stitch chick, that will go for it on a “sc”, if it helps to develop the funky shape and texture needed.

A little on the semi technical stuff: This is a stitch that is better observed in video format, as the written expression can be challenging. In its essence, my Front Post Stitch is created by, inserting the hook from the front on the right hand side of the stitch in the row below it, going around the post of the stitch, and out of the other side of the post, on the left hand side, completing the stitch as I normally would.

If executing via a dc ,the steps are: yarn over (yo), insert hook from front to back on the right hand side of the post, go around post, insert hook from back to front on the left hand side of the post, yo, pull back around post and out right hand side, yo, pull through two loops, yo, pull through last two loops.

For a Back Post Stitch, insert the hook from the back on the right hand side and continue as indicated above

Yeah, I know…that’s a lot…but oh so worth it if you dig a little texture joy on your crochet journey.

Yarn Feels Y'all.

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