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Make it Wild Wednesday - Popcorn Stitch

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Is it a Cluster? Can it be a Bobble? A Puff? For however you classify it, its one of many crochet stiches that gives us something we can feel. Highly tactile in its essence, the popcorn stitch helps bring the funk to a few YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Hats.

Popcorn, is my absolute favorite snack. A little olive oil, a pinch or two of salt and a light sprinkling of Herbes de Provence and you got something. That affinity carries over into my crochet game. Being big on texture, Im vibing raise surfaces as of late, and the popcorn stitch satiates that craving.

Heres the semi technical stuff: The popcorn stitch is a series of finished stitches worked into the same space/loops (Im fond of double crochet aka dc), that are joined at the top by removing the hook from the last stitch in the series, placing it into the top loops of the first stitch in the series, (front to back puts the popcorn on the surface facing the maker, back to front, the opposite), yarning over and pulling a loop through to complete the stitch. I refer to it as a cluster, but it matters not. What matters, is that it shows up and shows out…as popcorn is known to do.

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