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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This Hook Right Here…is what helped bring the Funk to the Nada Pop Hat Pattern process, and many more.

In the intro to “Tools I Vibe” on the “About” page, I have shared, I like shiny metal things. I neglected to share…I also stop for beauty. My Furls 6mm Odyssey Hook delivers on both as well as…wait for it…comfort. I am a fan.

The Furls Odessey with its metal inline hook, rounded head, and tear drop shaped weighted body (aka ergonomic), changed my crochet game. Working with a few hooks that I had on hand, and not knowing a whole lot about the impact of hooks on extremities, I found my hands grew weary after a couple of hours. I have very long, slender fingers and as such, holding or gripping a hook in one hand along with managing the yarn tension in the other, contributes to weary hands, as well as creating stress in the upper body. Now truth be told, I can crochet all day. That’s not always a good thing, as the body needs movement and the hands need rest, but, that said, from time to time, its what I do, I mean did. I knew there had to be a solution or at the very least a discussion around this as, I couldn’t imagine I was the only one with this issue. To Dr. Google I went and many hours in, Nurse YouTube connected me to a review of a set of Furls Hooks on Toni Lipsey’s TL Yarn Crafts channel. The Long and short of it is…If the goddess says its good, gotta check out the brand.

Summer of 2020, my first Furls arrived with its shiny, silver metal hook and its bright, sunny, canary yellow body, shortly after ordering. When it was unboxed and put to work, my other 6mm hooks went on a staycation, feeling all hook shamed and all (“I” sorry). It was ridiculous this new connection that was developing and I knew, for the good of us all, I had to stop myself from crocheting every Funky Hat with a 6mm hook, even if the yarn was bulky, just because I wanted to use the Furls. All my Yarn Craft Folks feel me.

All kidding aside, time and experience improves skill. Having the right tools for your hands aides in the journey. I was able to crochet faster, my stitches were more consistent and whether it was 2 hrs or 4, the biggest benefit, my hands hurt less. Check them out.

Please Note: As of the date this Blog post, I do not have an affiliation with Furls, hence this is just me, waxing on a a Tool I Vibe.

Just because Y’all

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