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Tools I Vibe - GEX Head Form 22"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

So my head form journey begins, when I figured out that I reaallyy liked making Fun Funky Crochet Hats. I had some skills that were getting better with each project and had grasped the rib start (or finish), as well as the increase, decrease functions in terms of shaping and finishing a hat. Kinda key, I know.

My head was pretty cool (I actually have a good shaped noggin, 22” on the nose), but it was hard to look at a hat thoroughly and objectively on myself. That selfie crown action was not the trick, or it was, but it was too involved to be doing on the regular.

Off I trot to the local crafting big box store, where in the back of the store, behind the beautiful flower arranging section (Im thinking why back here?) was a very economically priced styrofoam head form. Light as a feather in its “only offered in one size for adult women” self. Got it home, had to trick it out with ace bandages to get to 22”, then covered it with an opaque black stocking…cause it just looked better that way to me (it’s that clown thing), and found after all that…it was really too light weight for the YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Hats.

To the internet I go to search for the glass head form I has seen in my Local Yarn Store (LYS). Its used in the LYS, it has to be on point, right? Imma get you to the end of this one quick…it was beautiful BUT, slippery, heavy and was coin thirsty (cost a lot). It too, got tricked out, but the journey was a little simpler; a black head band and velcro got it to 22”, but more importantly, it kept the hats from sliding down. Great for photography, but that said, lifting this mug on the regular, was NOT the shot.

Back to the internet I go and while searching under milliner supplies, came across what looked like the answer to my Funky Hat fitting dreams. Ordered the 22” GEX canvas covered head form, which was more reasonably priced…and when it arrived, the sun came, out, birds sang, angels played harps…you get it. It was on point, 22” on the nose, just the right weight for my head gear swag. It was also easy to maintain, pin-able, and as for using to check the fit if the hats, some of which can be 15” in height, ah-mazatron…they don’t automatically slide down to the neck.

I liked the GEX head form so much…I bought a 2nd one. Hats on both are often featured in my social media posts. No, I haven’t named them BUT…that could be something you get to weight in on, in the future. Ooooo I feel a naming contest being conjured up.

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