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Behind The Scenes - How It Begins.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Some times, it’s the desire to evolve a newly learned method, perhaps introducing a color or yarn change technique that’s adds bomb diggity optics to the hat. For whatever inspires a new creation, it all starts with a thought, and ends with a question…did I bring the Funk?

Indeed, I stay on message, cause…its how I roll.

The thought happens, I pick up a hook, some yarn, sometimes Im not really vibin' the yarn, but all the other thought stuff is egging me on. I complete the hat, realize I actually like it, then begin another, intentionally recording the pattern, cleaning up obvious mistakes (Yup, I make them), before sending the pattern to be tested. Pause…

A SHOUT OUT to the CROCHET PATTERN TESTERS that have joined me on this journey. Be it on one hat or several, they are AH-MAZING! No shame in their game, they find the stuff I don’t, even after proofing the pattern several times. With their hands and eyes providing invaluable feedback, Im able to comfortably offer patterns for sale under the YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Brand. I cant say THANK YOU enough to them, for their support.

…Im back.

Onward I go making one or two more samples of the hat, with even more specificity (big girl word), as I select different yarn and color combo’s. I do this as while the pattern is set with identified yarn(s), I know folks will venture down other yarn roads, (cause I do), and I want to be as ready as I can to support those queries if and when they come. Im ready, she ready, we all be ready…Hows that for educated conjugation 🤣


So…that’s just a little of what goes on Behind The Scenes in Funky Crochet Hat Land. More to come. Til then…All The Yarn Feels Y’all.

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