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Color Lover - Garnet

Garnet! There I said it. Not cherry, not pomegranate, not burgundy...Garnet...and it needs to have its time to shine.

Going down the gemstone root, Garnets come in many colors. The color, and shades thereof Im waxing on, are linked to that “Red Purple“ good-good that shows up as Almandite and Rhodolite for those that may want to look it up.

Embracing that...catch this visual...Garnet is that throaty laugh as the head is tossed back then snapped up, followed by a straight no chaser glance and a knowing smile..

That’s a lot to put on a color I know, but if you have been around for a while, you know, color...just does it for me. Along with the visual shared above, the audible, jazz to be specific. When I see colors I hear jazz, (and when I hear jazz, I see colors). Some reflect the rhythm section, some wood winds, others brass, strings, get it. That hearty laugh and head/eye action I attribute to all bass, upright, no treble. Did you just conjure up Charles Mingus, Ron Carter or perhaps Charnett Moffett? Late greats that created heart print moments are all up in this hue homage.

So with the visual and audible gifted...lets get into what I realllly dig about Garnet. Its deeper than the average red. The blue that is added in invites depth to the table that you only get when purple is pursued, allowing this version of rouge to show up and show out. Not in a competitive way, but in that “Im handling by business” kind of way. Its lush, its deep, it makes you want to be all up in it. Sho Yah Right!

Garnet is warm. Knowing that, it can warm you and others as it wraps one in gorgeousness that expands into pure bliss. In the time that Im writing this, winter is winding down, spring is trying make it’s way on in, but has jokes, so Garnet remains in the mix as the house is kept toasty and “Autumn Leaves” plays in the background courtesy of Mr. Carter.

Now don’t get it twisted, we can rock Garnet all year long, poppin’ it against white or denim or white and denim...leans to the patriotic in that combo, but all the fly yarnies know how to work it, bringing the Funk along for the ride. But that eye candy warmth even in the warmer months...yes lawd!

I can go on, but Imma leave it here. Garnet! I said what I said😉

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