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Things That Make Me Smile - My "GGMadeIt" Project Bag

First, I cant talk about the bag without talking about the Iconic Orange Lady, the Fiber Artist, The Blogger, Gaye Glasspie or as she is known in the Fiber space “GGMadeIt”.


During the pandemic, when I decided to pick up a hook and yarn to occupy time and space (and keep myself sane), I search the internet for inspiration, tutorials and...fiber artists of color. Via YouTube, I discovered GG. She had a channel where she shared things she was working on aka Work In Progress aka WIP’s, music, adventures with Gunther the grand fur baby and....yarnie things she recvd in the mail. Oh and the opening/unboxing of said things received in the mail was accompanied with finger snaps and a song delivered acapella called “ I Got Mail”.  It was a whole experience y’all.


Along with just vibin’ GG, via her channel, IG feed, website...I was exposed to; yarn brands I had never heard of, especially in the indie dyer space (the concept of Indie Dyers and Local Yarn Stores (aka LYS) was a discovery as well) and yarn events/retreats/shows I never knew existed. GG’s social media presence was a study in how to do it, along with her collaborations and website evolution. Being about “the human journey”, I found myself inspired by her story which I encourage all the check out, as there much in there we can all relate to. Navigating this journey called life, I believe most of us have not arrive to where we are, on our own. GG reminds us of that and to embrace your best self, and all that is good...on purpose.


So with that said, there was a part of her online existence that involved Merchandise or “Merch”. I purchased  a T shirt that I proudly where in Fiber Arts spaces which is a fabulous caricature of a grown, full, out there big hair woman crocheting, that reflected my existence. It looked like me and folks in my sphere. a collaboration with Della Q...came the Orange “Oh Snap” project bag.


Know, I did not have, nor was I seeking a project bag as I most often work on one project at a time and found the clear plastic bags I received with some of my LYS yarn purchases sufficient for my needs, but bay...bee, when this “Oh Snap” bag in “Orange” featuring “The Iconic Orange Lady’s Caricature” came on the scene....I had to have one. Also know, Im not someone who leans into the longing of things on the regular as Im about “less stuff vs more”.


Fam, Im here to tell you...that project bag was everything it claimed to be in that it can contain all that I need for a Funky Crochet Hat project. Be it yarn, hooks, tape measure, scissors, tapestry needle etc...I can get it all in there. The zipper compartment keeps the tools intact and the snap thing at the top...yup, as they share, its perfect for guiding the yarn from the cake to hook without getting tangled. The fact that its mesh, allows me to see all the good-good that’s in there as...having now added a couple more project bags to my studio, and occasionally being in a multi WIP universe...that visibility is of significant value.


More impactful to me, along with the bold bright color (I dig Orange too especially mixed with Magenta), is the “image”. Again, it looks like me, my tribe, my people. It allows “Us” to be seen when we are out and about because we too create. We knit, we crochet, we sew, we embroider, we weave, we dye yarn, we sell yarn, we buy yarn as well as alllll the other things that go along with fiber arts, often in abundance. There is always a eye wide moment, a compliment, a nod of acknowledgement when I WIP it out (pun intended) as I traverse the earth.


So I suppose, along with this being a BLOG about this very specific thing that makes me smile, "the GGMadeit Oh Snap Project Bag", its really a letter. In truth, its a thank you letter to Gaye Glasspie, for showing up, persevering and representing the diaspora in a very visible way, standing as an example of how it can be done. Big, Bold and in Orange, just like I like it!


GG and the GGMadeIt project bag...make me smile.

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I am in tears! Thank you for this! You are exactly who I intend to reach. We must occupy these spaces. We are talented and deserve to be seen and supported. 🫂 friend

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Its whats we do! Took me a minute to recognize that this was you. matter.💓


What a lovely ode to GG. I also found her during the pandemic. She had me at orange. Was that the first time you crocheted?

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The first time I crocheted was when i was @8 or 9 yrs old, on the porch with my Nana.

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