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Color Lover - Periwinkle

Color Lover

April 2021 - Periwinkle

By self-admission, Im a girly girl. A girly girl that generally strays from most, soft, muted, understated aesthetics in favor of big, bold, bouncy expressions of saturated-ness. Within those that I consider, a cute-ish name is generally not a draw as there is absolutely nothing cute about me or my existence. Not a bone of it in my 5’ 10” frame albeit Im always tickled when it’s applied to me or something Im wearing. No confidence issues here, just not my word, hence my affinity for and working with periwinkle is a bit unusual.

In preparation for writing about this for the YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft blog, you are now reading, I consulted a thesaurus for other expressions of periwinkle ‘cause…conjuring up the small delicate flower that the color was named after, being applied to any of my Funky Crochet Head Gear Swag, was a bit much for this yarn loving demi-diva. It could indeed cause one to clutch the pearls or get the vapors.

Cerulean, Sky Blue, Cyanic Blue, (though that kept coming up a little darker), were color names offered up, but after some time trying to find a shoe to fit what I turned into a Cinderella hue, I accepted that periwinkle was all the princess-ness needed to drive this applause of the myrtle herb vinca minor's namesake.

An odd balance or unbalance of red, green and blue, flowing into our optic sphere as a light purple or version of lavender, it all but takes over the room when “done up”….right.

Complimented with shades or turquoise and clear sea glass greens or contrasted with peeks of sunflower and nutty-ness if it was a color versus a flavor, it’s attention grabbing (versus seeking), smile inducing, with maybe even a little come hither chaser, brings rimshots, timbales, and congas to the yard..I mean ball.

On your next color, hue, chroma pass by, check our periwinkles crown!

Wink, smile, princess wave.

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