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The Yarn Diaries - Madeline Tosh - TML Triple Twist

Hello Gorgeous! That’s right...Im talking to you MadTosh TML Triple Twist, with your three strand wonderful self!

Sounds a little loopy to be talking to a yarn, but I know, readers, feel me... as we all have on occasion, communicated with some too stunning to be believed yarn, be it from across the room or up close and personal. If up close and personal, a squish may have been involved...or not.Confession is not required..

My first encounter with MadTosh yarn was, as with many other Indie Dyed yarns, at a LYS (Local Yarn Stores for those who may not know), where there was a MadTosh promotion going on as occurs during seasonal shifts. Being in the time before, there were quite a few yarn-ies about and plenty of ooo’s and ahhs’ around the MadTosh table. Being new to all of this and being me...I asked....what was all the excitement about, meaning what was special about Madeline Tosh, MadTosh, MT yarns. A few gasps ensued and being the south, if there were pearls to be clutched, they were. Thankfully the proprietress who was warm and inviting, took pity of my unknowing soul, and simply said “everything”. With all of the air held audibles released, those in the know openly shared. “The colors” said one, “the softness” said another, “it works up like a dream” came from a voice in the mix of folk. I picked up a couple of hanks that were predominantly red to add to my stash as I wanted to understand it all for myself.

Note: while I’m open to suggestions, not often am I overly influenced into doing anything. That said, this purchase may also have been made out of a desire to right what was a perceivable wrong and...a desire to be warmly greeted again the next time I entered the store. Just sayin’

Those first two hanks were MadTosh Vintage, a worsted 4 ply Superwash Merino Wool that did indeed work up effortlessly. Now I didn’t know it in the time before when I was just beginning to amble down the fiber arts road, but Aran is my yarn weight sweet spot, so while I was diggin’ the hand feel and the slip Vintage brought to the yard, it felt a little light for the funky crochet goodness I was making at the time, was taking FOREVER to complete my 6” Head Gear Swag thingy. (I hadn’t dreamt up my 12” piled high creations as yet) and...I didn’t like how the colorway made up. It wasn’t as beauteous as it appeared in the twisted hank. Holding two strands together to increase the overall weight, didn’t improve the optics.

Another note...all colors and colorways are lovely and have their day and time to shine. That said, through trial and error, sometimes on repeat, I have found when it comes to variegated, gradient, speckled or any yarn with color changes...Im not fond of those with a lot of white or light space in them. Just doesn’t float my maker boat. Don’t ask me why or come for me on this one (Im going to redeem myself in a couple of paragraphs). It’s a to each their own kinda’ thing, and know, I absolutely adore, buy, display, and create, with many other color changing yarns that don’t have that attribute.

Knowing I liked the overall hand of the yarn, happening upon more Mad Tosh (might have been at the same LYS), I rolled up on TML Triple Twist. Heavier in weight being an Aran, made up of 3 strands of Tosh Merino Light, twisted together hence TML (I just sluthed that acronym out whilst researching the technical deets for this BLOG), these Superwash Merino hand dyed hanks of gorgeousness, were made for me! Yes, Yezzzz and two snaps up, all in one burst of expression!

The way the color comes up in it’s tonal-ness, sometimes subtle other times not, produces visual umami that draws the eye in. Even in something that is all one stitch e.g. single crochet, a tonal break-through will occur like a bend of light that peeks out and slowly winks, inviting the beholder to do a double take.

A really good note: One of my favorite colors to work with in TML Triple Twist is GG LOVES ORANGE. Now I had watched almost all of GG’s (aka Gaye Glasspie, aka #GGmadeit, aka The Iconic Orange Lady) YouTube videos, including the ones where she speaks about this color way, but I didn’t completely grasp the beauty of it until I had a hank in my hand. The GG Loves Orange colorway produced an OMGG moment!!! True to GG’s videos, It was EVAH-RY thing! My words not hers. Redemption moment...given my statement about lack of fondness for color changing yarn with white/light space...albeit its a year or so since it was introduced...I may have to add “GG Loves Speckles” colorway to my stash as...It’s. Just. works for me.

Back to waxing on TML Triple Twist...It's Aran, my sweet spot, has a soft hand, my kinda’ slip, and it's offered in colors that speak to me or I speak to (refer to the first sentence of this BLOG🤣). With all the boxes for all the things checked, I had to have it as a stash staple. Be it purchased from an LYS, on line and/or acquired via yarn support from MTStudio, my stash grew in hues that made me gush and fan girl Grapefruit, Geranium, Carolina Reaper and Blood Runs Cold.

With the DIAMONDS, DOTS & STRIPE HAT pattern project agreed to with MT Studio, I expanded my color wheelhouse (a 2022 intention) to included Penumbra with its purple chocolaty self. Via a happy oops, I received Phantasm, a more reddish chocolate than Penumbra and easily made it work as another colorway for the pattern. Both were combined with a new to me MadTosh Bulky yarn, A.S.A.P. in color Translation, a cool Carolina Sky Blue that is 🔥.

Ok this TML Triple Twist BLOG is getting a bit long, but between the choices on MadTosh’s site and parent company Jimmy Beans Wools site...If I could have 2 hanks of every color in my studio, I wouldn’t be not MAD at all.

And I would share...kinda', sorta'.

Get your MadTosh yarn buy on via the links below.

Madeline Tosh

Jimmy Beans Wool

Note: The “Jimmy Beans Wool” link is an affiliate link. If you purchase yarn via the link provided, I get a small percentage of the sale.

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