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Color Lover - Honeynut

I met a color in the form of yarn. It. was called “Honeynut”, and we went on a date. Welllll it was a group date with Sundried Dandelions, but a date none the less.

Knowing I dig "almost" all colors especially those that are big, bold, saturated and yes, bright...there are versions of yellow that I don’t get with much. However those that have a little red or blue added to; warm them up, bring depth to the chroma table, make yah just wanna wrap yourself in ‘em,...those are the ones that I can ride with.

No shade to the sunbeams, sunshines, or sun what evs’ that bring the brilliancy thang to life, making souls shine including mine, but when you run into one like Honeynut, the game changes.

Honeynut in its amarillo joy, comes from Indie Dyer Jess Whitmore of Jadawoo Designs @jadawoo_designs, whos’ warm toned vision shows up and out in 2 ply S twist Aran magnificence!

I crushed on this color straight from the box when it arrived with a few other friends of varying hues. It could have been partnered with several of the other hanks Jess sent, as we progressed our collaboration on “SPIN THAT HAT, a pattern that was framed up for and finalized in her yarn, but Sundried Dandelions that came in a second box, winked and shimmied, asking to be seen on the scene with Honeynut, as it was speckled with the same.

So it's funny, that as much as I vibed the late afternoon sun loveliness of Honeynut, on this yarn date, I didn’t make it the main color but the accent. I think cause I was diggin’ it so much, I wanted it to pop and be noticed including being the dominant color of the decorative tassel...or maybe I just wanted to hoard it. WHAT!?! Yarn hoarding known in polite company as stash building is a thing, and it brings me joy. Ok, ok total transparency, it was likely because I wanted to stare at it, like eye candy. All who buy yarn as a hobby feel me🧶

Even now with the hat completed in all of it Funkyness, my eye is drawn to where Honeynut occurs and I find myself running my fingers through the tassel. A bit much for a first date, but we have been flirting since the first box arrived. Pairing it up with Sundried Dandelions dotted with different levels of Huneynut intensity throughout ..feels kinda like real life, but I digress.

The sense of warmth the color delivers brings a toastyness sometimes attributed to a summer afternoon, but in this instance, it's bound for the colder months which are always around the corner, waiting for that Head Gear Swag Snuggle attached to a third date. Ok...again you got me again, a first date 🤣

All kidding, synonyms and similes aside, Honeynut is a wonderful take on a yellow with some weight. Not as heavy as ochre but lightly kissed with carotenoids. Yes my foodie ways have made their entrance into the convo, but its all good as we get Honeynut back onto the hook and into the next great thing longing to be made of the room where it happens.

Wait...I think that may be the name of my next BLOG...The Room Where It Happens

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