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Things That Make Me Smile - How The "Gotta Make A Run Hat" Came to Be - A True Story

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

All of my stories, blog’s, shared inspirations are rooted in truth, but this one involves another person. I have a friend, we’ll call her “Ms C”, who is uber stylish, always coordinated, well read, well traveled, just plain old has it together. Super supportive of her artsy friend (me), be it in the Funky Crochet Hat game with YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft or in my Culinary efforts with HereInMyKitchen. She has been there along with my BFF Renata from the beginning, meaning, from the thought, to the products, to the website. With all of the admiration and applause she gives my creations, lets just say…my Funky Crochet Hats are a bit on the wild side for her.

One day whilst chatting on the phone after sending her images of a few new styles, Ms C shared, she loved to wear a specific old school cap (Applejack Hat. Google it), when she has to leave the house to "Make A Run" to the grocery store etc… She loved it as she could just pop in on knowing it would cover her freshly coifed curls and/or curlers, but she was in need of a replacement as it was getting a bit frayed, and I observed having seen it a couple of times…for anyone other than Ms C… it needs bell bottoms and disco shoes as accoutrements. (no shade Ms C, just sharin’ with the people).

Ms C had admired a Fedora I created when practicing some basic shaping. Nothing over the top as Im prone to do, just a contrast grosgrain band added for pizazz (I had to do something y’all). And I thought, as someone who doesn’t sell hats or do custom work, EVER…that for all of the support and genuine friendship she has given over the years, I would make her a red one caused she “likeddidit” (my word, not hers) and said she would wear “that” style. So off I go, hooking worsted yarn in red, her favorite color, in what for me was never ending rounds of single crochet. With a black grosgrain band and a serious coordinated feather added I knew…sharp as it was, no pin curls or curlers were going to fit under it when she had to "Make A Run”.

This led to...another thought, a new skein of textured mottled red yarn, and a 6mm hook, netting a bonus Hat for Ms C, as well as in other yarns and colors for me cause…we all “Gotta Make A Run” from time to time. It did the job while bringing the Funk! Larger, looser with more diverse stitches and a brim that you can roll up, down or get your head gear swag on with a little high low action. The “Gotta Make A Run Hat” inspired by Ms C was born. She loved it and so did I. That Makes Me Smile!


I loved it so much I made a spring version, altering the pattern for tape yarn and added loop stitches. Sashay Shante. I just cant help myself y’all.

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