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Things That Make Me Smile - Naming the Lantern Hat

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Picture it, a crown that begins with a lovely circular expression of stitches evolving into its first transition. The body emerges expanding outward but taking it easy as if it’s on a stroll. Another transition and the journey picks up speed as it expands while descending into its widest point. Shifting again it evolves into a sloped curved, decreasing just enough to fit around the head, allowing a brim to be added as head gear swag demands.

All of that creates a shape somewhere between a Hexagon and Pentagon which is where the Lantern Hat lives. Predating me, but on the home décor come up, the lantern as an object, and its iconic shape, helped this hat name itself (yes hats can do that). Sometimes it’s the yarn, others the stitch or a memory, for this one it was the SHAPE. All the other components enhanced it, gave it life, attitude, funk, but the shape is what defined the name of THIS hat.

It really does makes me smile, when I’m in that creative space, just looping along, and a Funky Crochet Hat comes into being. It’s not forced by a plan or coerced by a hook, but just happens. There is always a starting thought, but sometimes I just go with what’s happening as sections are completed. This Lantern shape came about in that way and whether it’s the dream sequence of the first paragraph or the geometric references in the second, it’s lighting a path in a YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft kinda world.

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