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Things That Make Me Smile - Sharing

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

We all have gifts and talents. It's true we really do, with the best part for me being...having or creating an opportunity to share them with others. The opportunity is often sweetened when it's tied to an intention. Mine is, helping to move humanity (someone or something) forward. It's my jam and reinforced when I see the intention bring joy to someones spirit be it in the form of a smile, or a twinkle in the eye. Upon occurrence, I almost always get more than I give. In the world of Funky Crochet Hats, floating on yarnie wings from that swell of good-good one can feel is how it manifests in me, and makes ME smile.

Not sure I can claim to have always been a giver, a sharer. Even with my seemingly extrovert-ness that draws people to the yard, at my core I have always been a small group person, so when I did share, it was quite natural to only share with those I was closest to, which was and to some degree still a very small circle of folks. As I evolved from typical little kid selfishness, to teenager self absorption, self-protective-ness and onward into the corporate world, ascending in the ranks, I had to learn that sharing information, knowledge based on expertise, and joy, perpetuated growth. Not just for myself, but for those around me, and seeing others succeed as a result there of, was incredibly rewarding.

In the fibers arts world, it started with me sharing photos of my Funky Crochet Hats, where I tried to show more of the hats and less of my face...cause even though Im quite the character with quite the personality, I reallllly wanted to focus on the product. That led to sharing the patterns...for sale of course as there is a cost to it all, then to teaching here and there which is a gas, then onward to finding a gallerist to share the finish hats with those that want to buy them @nineeighteennine, and soon, to my first book of Funky Crochet Hat Patterns For Your Soul. This is a MAJOR and Im here for it all.

Im excited about the book as it presents an opportunity to share beyond those I know (my still small circle🤣) or can reach via social media. It will be available via Amazons platform which is huge, with print on demand or ebook options. It's quite the effort but with help from a self publishing expert and of course the wit and wisdom of my BFF, being able to share this book once published will make my soul dance as....

I know my Head Gear Swag is different.

It's non-traditional, even when it has the assemblance there of. It's big, it's bold, and on most occasions bright. It makes some sho nuff' noise, and dare I say's not for everyone, but for those that vibe it, the ones that dare to show up and show out, who like being seen on the scene aka “my tribe”, Its. What's. Up.

They/you encouraged me to share more and often, be it photos, finished products, patterns and per their/your request...this book. This curated collection of 10 plus patterns, is for them/you and/or folks you/they may know that thrive when they strut their stuff.

Sharing the book will expand "reach" allowing me to connect with more of us that don’t align to the norm in our regalia, our outward expression of ourselves. As quite as its kept, we look for others like us that get it, and when we find each other, sharing is what we do!

As I have shared before... in the fiber arts space, being able to see someone take one of my patterns and make it their own, is thrilling. Seeing the sashay that accompanies someone sporting one of my finished samples they purchased for themselves is nothing short of a WOW moment. They make it their own and Funk it up to suit their style. That’s what sharing does. It gives opportunities for others to not just replicate a vibe, but to evolve it, make it unique to them, sharing THAT glow with the world around them.

Okay Imma wrap this up cause I think y’all get it but just to make sure... Note, “the light that shines on and through others, bounces off and reflects on you.” Share more, share often. gifts and talents extend beyond hookin’ (crochet) and cookin’ (yes I really am a Chef. Check me out at @hereinmykitchen_himk). They incorporate those soft skills that are tied to assessing, building and developing, talent and teams in the fashion world namely technical design, along with organizational savvy and financial acumen. Im not applying for a job, but that you know. Why? Cause sharing makes ME smile.

Cut and Paste the link into your browser and grab your copy on Amazon NOW 🤗

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