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Things That Make Me Smile - Naming Hat Patterns - Nada Pop, Parade & Twisted Sis

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Things That Make Me Smile - Naming the Nada Pop, Parade & Twisted Sis Hat Patterns.

What’s in a name? Well…every dang thang. No matter if it occurs in the beginning, takes shape in the middle or, post completing a hat and soliciting feedback from friends that ride with me on this journey, solidifies after the fact, its a ball of yarn fun, to get to “the name”.

My first pattern offered was the “Nada Pop Hat”. An abridged nickname that I NEVER called my BFF but just kinda of new about, combined with the showy “popcorn” stitch (showy is more about me than her), blended together easily as the magical moniker of this Fun, Funky tower of regalia. It worked on so many might have been influenced by the fact that I sent her the original prototype to keep. Did you need to know that? Details schmeetails.

The “Parade Hat” was my next offer. The very first sample was in a multicolored yarn full of bright blues and neon yellows. Starting with a flat top that expanded into a tiered disks, all I could think of being a former New Yorker and all was, “this would be good for a parade”. Easter, Halloween, it didn’t matter. As I continued to make samples in different yarns and colors, it became clear in my mind, they all had a parade they would be perfect for. A few other suggested names popped up, but I couldn’t get the image out of my head of me strutting down 5th Ave on Easter Sunday, or perhaps on a float (can you stand it🤣) living my best life.

The hat that maayybee joining the group of patterns for sale soon, like March, is the “Twisted Sis” Hat. Now before we go “anotha’ furtha’” I indeed do have a sister, but no, she’s is not twisted, hence “this” hat is not named for her, so “don’t run tellin' tales”. Its named for my larger sister girl family out there. The ones that enjoy a little something different, something extra, in their head gear swag. Big colors, mixed yarns, a stitch thrown in for extra texture and a little “view” called the "front cross stitch" (it IS a twisted stitch) ,brought the name home. I got a little “Twisted Sis” in me. Do you?

That’s it, now you know. Tell the others, theres no shame in my Fun, Funky, Head Gear Swag Name Game.

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