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Things That Make Me Smile - Studio Time

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Studio Time…is a good time. Its creative think time, that turns into make a Funky Hat time, as the yarns, colors, shapes and tools start to come together, loops dancing to their own rhythm as I jam to mine.

In the studio, that skein of yellow yarn that’s been stashed for 3 months, begins its “come hither” campaign to garner attention, as one of my stitch book’s, complete with a post-it tabbed pages, starts beckoning me near. A few pages have called out, “look at me, Im complex and yarn thirsty, but you got this Chica”. And no, I do not hear voices. (I knew what you were thinking 😆)

When Im “in studio” I have the space to explore what tools to choose. “Hmmm that yarn is kinda bulky so Ill have to use a 8mm hook but I don’t wanna’. I want it tight with the weight on top, so it can lay to the side in all its finished glory. Maybe Ill do a rib start and use a 6mm, then transition to the 7mm up top”. Options, Choices, Decisions Oh My!

Head Forms become canvases, a vehicle for dress up using completed and in process work. Trying hats on the form for fit while in the making process is de rigueur, but the forms and their appointed regalia also serve as pattern and color filled decoration. So if Im in the magenta zone and want to move into the green zone, swiftly re-outfitting the Head Forms…brings a whole new vibe in the studio. Just like changing out flowers or adding a new hue to a painting.

Studio time. One of the things that make me smile

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