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Color Lover - Chartreuse

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A bit of Fashion Industry "Tea" in the story of what led me to my love of Chartreuse.

Legacy brand with a new rock star design team. They freshened up the entire look of said brand, shook off the moth balls and everything, introducing bigger, bolder colors, prints, patterns and shapes. I snatched up all that I could and to this day I’m so glad I did as…it didn’t work…for them. The brand returned to days of yore and as such, I kept my fashion game moving knowing I scored THE most amazing pleated and slightly shiny (I have already admitted to liking shiny things) CHARTREUSE skirt! Paired with white, black, lemon…it is a statement color that indeed rocked my world. I LOVED it!

So what is Chartreuse exactly ? Inquiring minds want to know.

Situated between a Caribbean island squeeze of lime, so right for a cocktail while listening to steel drums, and the let me wrap my arms around you hug of the suns yellow, Chartreuse is that space that brings together the whole band with its bright, vibrant, sashay. It's energy, be it in a pop or splash amongst contrasting colors or full out in an under-appreciated big pleated shiny skirt or in a sho’ yah right YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft Funky Crochet Hat like "It B's That Way".

Chartreuse is its own experience. I invite everyone, to just get a little of that Chartreuse thing in their spirit.

Your color wheel game will never be the same.

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