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Color Lover - Turquoise

Sometimes it’s a body of water reflecting the deep beauty that only an ebb and flow can bring, other times it’s a rare sky, when light is generated by energy that’s bigger than all of us.

However you see it, or wherever you see it, Turquoise representing wisdom, tranquility, hope and bounty, is a color that brings to the surface that smile that’s big and wide on the inside, all knowing of a deeper joy and perhaps peace inside, that we often only share with those closest to us.

It's funny, I don’t own a lot of Turquoise or Turq things, always leaning to the Magentas, Tangerines, and Metals, to pair with my predominantly Black wardrobe, but every time I catch a glimpse or it catches me, Im drawn to it. As an accent it pops whatever it’s paired with. That blue green thing that combines what we know of air and water, becomes stronger together and it has been said, looks good on everyone.

A swirl of color on a printed maxi dress, when coordinated with a ombre Turquoise pashmina wrap, is everything, a conversation starter no doubt. Oh...and with the actual gemstone dangling from the ears, its a mood changer, a spirit brightener. There is some warmth in there with that little bit of yellow that is sometimes part of the Turquoise mix, however the majority of what we get from this amazing hue is cool...real cool, but you have to understand this kinda cool as it’s not the traditional cool...there is a bit of jump up and be glad in there. I know, I know, its confusing, conflicting, but what’s deep that isnt?

Im still talking about Turquoise y’all... a chroma aka saturation that goes from peacock, to robins egg to that special blue-ish box from that special 5th Ave store that begins with T, that someone had breakfast feel me? Aquamarine, ultramarine, cerulean, azure...they are all in this hues mix and all make you smile. Again, it may not be the outward toothy grin of yellows and oranges, but one that lets you know a note, perhaps the first inversion of “C” has been bent, a melodic baseline has been created that takes us on a journey.

About that C note and Turquoise...most know I like Jazz, and when I hear Jazz, I see colors. Depending on the tone of the instrument or the singers voice, blues and greens come into view. Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon...say their names...can bring all that is wonderful and lush about Turquoise into being, striking and cool at the same time. Maybe that’s it. Maybe thats the it if it all when it comes to Turquoise. So often we force ourselves to pick a lane, a side, a path, but Turquoise is having none of that. Its free, bold, spirit filled...yet for, and doesn’t give no never-mind to the boundaries, the demands of defining for others, who or what it is.

Just like a a Funky Crochet Hat that brings all the Head Gear Swag to the party, Turquoise is here to do the dang thang from the sea to the sky and beyond.

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