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Color Lover - Tangerine

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

My oh my, Tangerine. The energy it brings to a room, the brightness it brings to a face, to say nothing of the incredible joy of biting into a section of the fruit this color is named after.

The chroma or saturation, the depth achieved when combining reds and yellows in just the right proportions, brings with it an amazing vibrancy while consistently delivering on warmth, like a summers sun almost set.

Tangerine along with being a beloved color of mine, was a nick name that was given to me as a kid. Each summer, grown folks coming up to New Jersey from the South, following work attached to the Monmouth County race track, would use it when greeting me saying “Hey Tangerine Girl” with a little southern drawl attached to it for sweetness. Sometimes they would sing the first few lines of the Nat King Cole recording of the jazz standard of the same name. While I was more Motown and Atlantic, I just loved and adored the subtle teasing and the fact that a whole song was named after my little girl self. Things in our heads when we were kids.

In the YarnGoneWild - Yarn Craft game, the Funky hats just come alive when I use or introduce Tangerine and shades thereof. In the soon to be released pattern “Twisted Sis Hat” and its follow on…perhaps a 2nd March 2021 release, be it Satsuma, Mikna or Clementine, this deep, bright & bold color will take center stage rocking to its own jam with the head gear swag that Tangerine brings and yeah Ill say it, OWNS!

On this day, my heart belongs to Tangerine Y'all.

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