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Color Lover - Lavender

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Lavender. What makes it so good, so cool with a little warmth added at the same time ? Perhaps it is the undertones that allow it to read blue in one light and red in another. Whatever it is, Im here for it.

Yarn in hand, its serenades me as it crafts itself into something that makes me want to…lay it to the side, as I amble on my own journey, to be my own Parade, in my head gear swag. Be it uptown, downtown or in my head town, the soft…and boldness to be soft, of Lavender, lets its presence be known. Sometimes I can even smell it.

A memory…I remember seeing Church mothers sing and sway in what seemed to be a sea of Lavender on Womens Day, the Biggest, Bestest, Finest Hats to match. Dare I say, there may have been a few custom dyed-to-match shoes in there as well. Getting hugged up in all that Lavender love was unmeasured.

Cool, warm, serenading, love memories, all conjured up and through a color. Who knew?

I can wax on about hue and chroma all day long and know, purples and violets are finding their way onto the queue, but the tint of Lavender somehow, seemed fitting for where Im at today.

It’s a color thing. Hows your Lavender Dowin’ ?

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