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Color Lover - Magenta

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When I look at color, its like listening to Jazz. An arc of light can bend like the note of a saxophone (my favorite instrument). I lean into hot reds and bright blues like I lean into the phrasing of Sara Vaughn or Nneena Freelon (what chu know about that), but as an author said…the spirit world gets a little bothered, if you walk by the color purple and dont smile.

So, join me on short Magenta trip. That space on the color road that exist between hot red and smile inducing purple, RBG’ing and CMY’ing to its “impossible” content. FYI “RBG” is Red, Green, Blue, a way of recording color value vs one of my She-ros the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That said, she was given to a pop of color here and there along with the beautiful collars she wore while serving on the bench of the US Supreme Court. I digress.

Back to Magenta. It makes we want to DANCE. It’s: ruffles around a collar of a chiffon top, the world’s longest, widest flounce on the end of a bell sleeve. It’s the skirt that twirls higher than it should when I Salsa or catches the light just right when Im Steppin’. (That’s Chicago Style Steppin’ for those who may not know. Check it out.). It’s the color of a fuchsia in spring and dianthus in the summertime mixed with snap dragons for a little contrast. It’s the best brightest lipstick color in my…wherever I keep them.

Alright y’all, its time to jam with a little Latin, Jazz, Rhythm, Blues and…Lipstick, bought to you by the color…Magenta.

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